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Alex Dainiak


Born in Moscow in 1985, Alex's journey with programming began in 1998 at a Pascal circle, marking the start of his enduring love for coding.

Since graduating from Moscow State University, Alex has been imparting his knowledge in both mathematics and programming through teaching.

While he spent some time professionally as a web front-end developer and optimization algorithms developer, his primary focus now lies in teaching discrete mathematics and related subjects. Despite his teaching commitments, Alex remains actively engaged in coding, contributing to personal and team software development projects.

Alex's goal is to leverage his intellectual capacity and assist others in doing the same.


2002 - 2007
M.Sc. in Discrete Mathematics, MSU, Russia

Ph.D. in Discrete Mathematics, MSU, Russia

2008 - 2010
Master's degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, Yandex School of Data Analysis


2009 - 2011
Teaching Assistant, MSU, Russia

2009 - 2023
Associate Professor, MIPT, Russia

2010 - 2011
Instructor, Yandex School of Data Analysis

2011 - 2013
Senior Developer, Video International, Russia

2017 - 2022
Lecturer, Harbour.Space, Spain

2019 - 2023
Deputy Head of Business Digital Transformation Lab, MIPT, Russia

2023 - Present
Senior Machine Learning Engineer,