About Us

EPIC Institute of Technology, a part of EPIC - EPAM Product Innovation Center, is truly a unique educational organization driven by the DELTIX team under the EPAM Systems umbrella.

The main DELTIX goal in EPAM is to create an environment for software engineers where brilliant ideas turn into real projects fast, bypassing any artificial roadblocks and limitations, including financial. A cornerstone of our philosophy is to blend the creativity and flexibility of a software start-up with the safety, security, and resources of a mature corporate infrastructure. EPIC Institute of Technology is one of the bedrock of this strategy.

Today, EPAM is a global leader in digital transformation services with more than 58K employees in 40 countries across five continents and more than 40 % yearly revenue growth. In 2022 EPAM has been recognized as the Best Place to Work.

At EPIC Institute of Technology, we leverage a truly unique EPAM leadership position on the global market to find and nurture the best talents and create a place of growth for driven and intelligent individuals.

Successful graduates will have access to the power and resources of EPAM and an incredible chance to jumpstart their career by just using their talent and skill. We will offer our students a unique and straightforward path to the most challenging and exciting projects on a global scale, and an opportunity to learn from and work with industry-leading professionals.

Refer to Admissions and FAQ to learn more about the admissions, education process, and what to expect after graduation.