• Admission Process

    The admission process at the EPIC Institute of Technology:

    • We offer students four programs: Complex Logic, Real-Time Backend, Real-Time Frontend and Time Series Analysis. The main recruitment for all four specialties will be held at the same entrance exam. You can find out how the entrance exam works in the Entrance Exam section.
    • You can also get into any program without sitting the entrance exams. This option is described in the Admission on Resume section.
    • Students will be passed through an additional screening based on the results of the entrance exam and the collected resumes. If according to the results of the recruitment, you do not pass to the program you initially applied for, you will be offered options for admission to other programs.
    • Register for the upcoming exams to participate in the admission process. Choose one of the programs and fill out the form. Please make sure you are applying for the desired major.
    • We will send you a registration confirmation letter to the provided email address after registering for the entrance exam.
  • Who is Eligible

    The only restriction for getting into EPIC Institute of Technology is age. You must be older than 18 years old to become a student.

    Although there are almost no restrictions, we expect students to have a basic knowledge of arithmetic, discrete math, probability theory, mathematical statistics, algorithms, and data structures.

    In the Entrance Exam section, you can find a training set of problems for the entrance exam. We assume, that our future students have sufficient knowledge to complete them in full or at least partially.

  • Entrance Exam

    The entrance exam will be conducted as follows:

    • Four entrance exams, exam dates will be announced soon.
    • All exams have the same priority and you need to participate in one of them. We have decided to offer four slots so that you could find a day that fits you the best (weekday or weekend).
    • All exams will be conducted on different sets of tasks.
    • Each entrance exam will last 4 hours. The number of tasks in each of the exams can be from 8 to 12. During the proposed time, you need to solve as many of the proposed tasks as you can, strictly following the instructions in the conditions. The exact time of each exam will be announced later.

    Document with training tasksAlso, as an exercise, you can solve problems that were in the exams a year ago. They can be found at the following link.

    On this page you can find information about access to the testing system and entrance exams. You can find many of our activities, contests, and exams in our Codeforces groupPlease be aware, that all entrance exams will also be held in this group and you must be registered to take part.

    It is also possible to solve entrance exams without admission.To do this, select the check box Solving exam without admission when filling out the application form. 

  • Admission on Resume

    You can get enrolled in any of the programs by submitting your resume and skipping sitting the exam. This option is rather exceptional, but under certain conditions, a resume may be sufficient for a student to pass. We accept your CVs until the end of the entrance exams, but if someone fails the exam or did not participate, this person can send us a CV any time later.

    We expect resumes to include the following information:

    • Basic information. Include your full name, contact details, and geographic location.
    • Education. List all schools/universities/colleges where you studied/graduated from.
    • Work experience. Provide your employment history, including the companies and projects where you worked (you can mention your major achievements).
    • Participation in programming competitions, internships, and conferences.
    • Other accomplishments and information you would like to share with us.

    Follow this link to send us your CV.

    We emphasize, that admission by examination is a priority method of admission.

  • FAQ

    Questions and Answers about the format of education at EPIC Institute of Technology.

    • How much does the education cost?

      EPIC Institute of Technology is completely freeThere are no fees to register for exams or tuition fees.

    • How is the educational process organized?

      Each program lasts exactly one year. The academic year consists of two semesters. The courses in the first semester are the same for all programs. The courses in the second semester depend on the selected major program.

      Students will take an intermediate assessment in the middle of the semester. The final grade will be given for each course at the end of each semester. The grade a student gets for each training course, depends on the quality of the laboratory work and participation in lectures and practical classes.

      Lectures, practical classes, seminars, conferences, and other interesting activities are provided for students on all training courses.

    • How will the classes be held?

      All classes will be held onlineLectures and practical classes will be held at the specified time according to the provided schedule. Recordings of all classes will be available for those students who, for any reason, was not able to attend.

    • In what language will I study?

      All programs are in English language.

    • What will happen after the graduation?

      EPIC Institute of Technology graduates will get a diploma and an offer to join one of the hot EPAM projects either as an intern or a full-time position.